SALESmanago Marketing Automation Professional

  • 2-day training in Prague: 30-31.03.2017
  • 99 EUR admission fee
  • gain unique Marketing Automation knowledge
Training Program
Day One
Day Two
9.30 - 10.30
Marketing Automation - introduction
  • General understanding of the Marketing Automation world
  • Basic technical knowledge of Marketing Automation possibilities
  • Matching Marketing Automation tools and solutions to business needs
  • Marketing KPI’s: how to increase conversions with Marketing Automation
  • Setting up an individual implementation plan
10.30 - 11.30
How to read Marketing Automation CRM data
  • CRM VS Marketing Automation CRM
  • Content personalization
  • Campaigns targeting
  • Using contact data in automation processes
11.30 - 11.45
Coffee Break
11.45 - 13.00
Email marketing campaign with Marketing Automation
  • Email marketing good practices - learn how to increase the efficiency with Marketing Automation
  • Choosing proper time for launching a campaign
  • Behavioral segmentation and message personalization
13.00 -13.45
Lunch Break
13.45 - 14.30
How to generate new contacts from your website
14.30 - 15.30
How to manage B2B sales processes
  • Marketing and sales leads qualification
  • Proper use of lead nurturing campaign
  • Monitoring leads flow in sales funnels
15.30 - 15.45
Coffee Break
15.45 - 16.45
How to increase sales for e-commerce
  • Benefit from the knowledge on interests and transactional behavior of the customer
  • Dynamic Product Recommendations
  • Omnichannel communication
9.00 - 10.30
Case studies - let’s try it out!
  • Case study analysis in groups
  • Creating marketing concepts for given cases
  • Group analysis of created concepts
10.30 - 10.50
Coffee Break
10.50 - 13.00
Practical use of SALESmanago platform
  • System configuration
  • Implementing chosen ideas from the morning session
  • Setting up sample automation rules
13.00 - 13.50
Lunch Break
13.50 - 15.00
Advanced SALESmanago settings
  • Web Push notifications configuration and implementation
  • Setting up and using Automatic Sales Chat
  • Advanced analytical dashboards settings
  • Automating communication with clients in Social Media
Aleksander Skałka
Aleksander Skałka

Marketing Automation Strategy Director. Jagiellonian University graduate. He is responsible for product development and servicing SALESmanago Projects as well as building knowledge on system’s functionalities. Has rich experience in implementing advanced automation and sales processes. After hours, a heavy metal singer.

Katarzyna Rejdych
Katarzyna Rejdych

Senior Marketing Automation Specialist. Connected with Projects Department since her very beginnings in the company. Responsible for development of the application, conducting trainings and creating educational content for clients. She created our support portal from scratch. She also successfully implemented the platform for several dozen clients.

Tomasz Świątek
Tomasz Świątek

Marketing Automation Consulting Manager. A psychology graduate and marketing enthusiast and passionate musician. Tomasz is responsible for implementing advanced strategies in the scope of Marketing Automation and Mobile Marketing Automation (APPmanago system). Cooperates with top companies, e.g. eSky, Naviexpert, North Fish

Why is it worth it ?

Marketing Automation has been one of the fastest growing markets in recent years. Its worth is estimated to be over 1 billion dollars. In Poland, more than 1000 companies rely on marketing automation systems to stay competitive, and 90% of them entrust this vital process to SALESmanago.

Communication must be personalized in today’s competitive market.
Only by knowing what your clients need can you communicate in a way that draws their attention. SALESmanago Marketing Automation helps you understand those needs and expectations, and provides tools address them.

Knowing how to react to latest trends with suitable solutions is crucial for your strategy.
Make your marketing team work at peak efficiency, reduce expenses and time spent on preparing campaigns, and get more conversions on your website. Achieve all this with Marketing Automation!

On this training course you will learn how to:

  • Make conversion rates soar with personalized content
  • Stay in touch with your clients by employing Lead Nurturing campaigns
  • Keep your email campaigns consistently appealing to customers
  • Carry out superior omnichannel lead campaigns
  • Use Dynamic Content and Artificial Intelligence to gain an edge over competition
  • Seamlessly integrate marketing and sales activities
  • Be proficient with Big Data and use it to drive real results
  • Using Big Data for enhancing profit

Each participant will receive a SALESmanago Marketing Automation Professional Certificate

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